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Dentistry has evolved and changed drastically over the years. Vermillion Cosmetics brings you the newest industry of education and treatments, Dental Cosmetology. Dental Cosmetology is the combination of dental knowledge and expertise perfectly paired with all-natural beauty concepts to create the first ever dental extra-oral smile experience through The Lip Prophy Treatment™.

Dental Practices across the globe have begun to perform The Lip Prophy™ Treatments on their patients for a multitude of reasons; instant daily cash flow, tax benefits, affordability, fill empty operatory chair, cancellations supplement, increase patient engagement, and overall social media buzz!

By implementing Vermillion Cosmetics™ Practice Marketing Services with Clinical Lip Luxury Services and Treatments, you will be able to maximize not only your patient's results, but also your cosmetic treatment revenue. Dental care should not only address the conditions intraorally but the extraoral region as well.

How to Heal, Dry Damaged Lips: The Lip Prophy™
Step 1: Exfoliate

Begin The Lip Prophy™ Treatment with the Vermillion Cosmetics Vegan Lip Scrub and Vermillion Cosmetics Lip Exfoliation Brush for 30-90 seconds depending on the size of the lip surface. Using a pea sized amount, gently exfoliate the lips in round circular motions on the top and bottom lip, extending out the the vermilion border around the lips. The benefits of lip exfoliation consist of: removal of dead skin on lips, restore color and improved blood circulation, and promote natural collagen regeneration.

Step 2: Condition

After proper exfoliation, place the Vermillion Cosmetics Hyaluronic Lip Hydration Mask on the lips for: 3-5 minutes for conditioning treatment and minimum time, 10 minutes for optimal conditioning and slight plumping effects, up to 45 minutes for complete conditioning and up to 2mm lip plumping results lasting for 6-8 hours maximum. Lip Masks can also be used if a patient has been waiting for an extended amount of time to transition the negative experience into a positive experience! The benefits of lip conditioning consist of: reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinkles, helps soothe and repair damaged lip cells, and helps keep lips plump, full, and smooth.

Step 3: Hydrate

Conclude the The Lip Prophy™ with 3-5 dabs of Vermillion Cosmetics Vermattified Serum. The lips serum is weight-less, not sticky, and universal. The benefits of hydrate lips with a lip serum consist of: penetrating the lip tissue deeper, allowing the lips to breath while being nourished and soothed.

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Why Choose The Lip Prophy™ Treatment for your Patients?
The Lip Prophy™ is a Universal Procedure, both Age and Gender Neutral, EVERYONE has or has had Dry, Cracked, Damaged Lips at some point in their life. 89% of Patients complain of dry lips after their dental appointment or procedure due to the saliva ejector removing the hydration and moisture from the mouth. In Dentistry, emergencies happen and the office schedule can be thrown off by even just 1 patient. Decrease agitated patients by offering a Lip Prophy Treatment, or complimentary Lip Mask while they wait! Increasing Positive, Patient Reviews one Smile at a Time!
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