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There's a Vermillion Reasons to Love your Smile.

We believe in the Power of a Smile.

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By implementing Vermillion Cosmetics™ Practice Marketing Services with Clinical Lip Luxury Services, you will be able to maximize not only your patient's results, but also your cosmetic treatment revenue. Dental care should not only address the conditions intraorally but the extraoral perioral region.
Dentists understand the relationship of the facial anatomic structures, and how they relate aesthetically to one another. Vermillion Cosmetics™ two primary focuses are to provide a Superior #1 Dentist Recommended Lipstick that frames all Beautiful Smiles, and delivers an innovative business platform with proven measurable results.
Unique designs
The Vermillion Cosmetics™ business and products create patient and staff excitement, which in turn creates a new atmosphere and ambiance for a professional practice...compared to Clinical anxieties and fears!
Vermillion Cosmetics™ has an unwavering commitment to the ongoing success of our customers and clients. Through Innovation and Expertise, Vermillion Cosmetics™ has combined Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Cosmetics to create an everlasting smile that will ignite every practice with the Invention of Dental Cosmetology!

There's a Vermillion Reasons to Love your Smile.

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Dr. George Kourakin

CEO, Cosmetic Dentist

Caitlin Nicke

COO, President

Katrina Lafferty

Executive Assistant

Xenia Perez

Executive Account Manager

Brooklyn Sherrill

Content Writer

Becky Andres, RDH

Dental Education Director

Tatiana Helwig

Executive Sales Coordinator

Nicky Gelin

Face of Miami 2019
austin kourakin

Austin Kourakin

Reseller Success Coach

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